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I’m a User Experience (UX) Designer with a background in computer science, game design and process analysis. My growth has arisen from partaking in a variety of case studies with talented individuals sharing their expertise; from government orgs and blue chip companies through to design agencies and startups.

My previous clients have benefited from an increase in the value of their digital services. Working together, I can help you to understand how better UX can fit into your workflow and tech stack to help your digital real estate transform into functional and desirable products.

Ultimately, the point of UX is to understand users, reducing their pain points and adding value to your mission. Therefore, investing in UX design is vital for success - partner with me and you'll see the dividends paying off sooner rather than later.



Client brief + Usability heuristics + Market research + User survey + Contextual interviews + Task analysis + Metrics


Personas + User scenarios + User flows + User journeys + Scope definition + Design hypothesis


Information architecture + Sitemaps + Navigation schema + Affinity maps + Red routes


Target features + Design studio + Establish 'happy path'


Rapid prototyping + Wireframing + Visual design + High+fidelity mockups + Interactive prototypes


Usability testing + Feature validation + Iterative design


Stakeholder presentation + Specification document + Asset production + Developer collaboration + Brand strategy + Launch support


Sketch as the core tool, along with useful plugins:

  • Stark- for accessibility standards validation
  • Craft - upgraded design toolset
  • Crystal - USB mirroring for previews on any device
  • Marvel - for interactive prototyping
  • Launchpad - previewing website designs as functional HTML
  • Zeplin - easy value and attribute exporting for developers

Plus: Photoshop, Keynote, Visual Studio Code, Chrome/Firefox Inspectors, iTerm2, Git, AWS S3

Previous experience




I was always impressed by his work ethic, amazingly positive attitude, and top-notch output on projects. Nik is sharp as a tack, and his usability solutions always demonstrated a great deal of thought, detail, and a deep understanding on how people interact with technology.”

- Magda Cebula, Associate Creative Director

Magda Cebula of Blippar

Nik was very good at hitting the ground running... able to get the key outcomes from the user research and transform them into great ideas and original solutions. He was a reliable and extremely professional colleague, as well as a fun and positive person to work with.”

- Cristina Viganò, Senior UX Designer

Cristina Viganò of Cyber-Duck

Nik did a very thorough job of helping us diagnose and improve our mobile apps. These change recommendations have been very helpful for us and will improve our user acquisition and engagement.”

- Amit Rai, CEO

Amit Rai of Coo

He was able to transform complex digital information into easily digestible ideas. As a team, we are really pleased and proud of our new website experience. We cannot recommend Nik enough.”

- Dr. Neeraj Prasad, GP

Dr. Prasad of NHS

Two things hit you right away about Nik: intelligence and diligence... an excellent communicator always open to fresh perspectives, he works with an enviable blend of precision and adaptability.”

- Nizami Cummins, Lead Instructor

Nizami Cummons of GA