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Patient-facing information hub -

Responsive web application and deployment into public domain.


Brooke Road Surgery is part of the NHS serving Hackney in London. I was approached to help them establish their very first web presence, designed to inform in place of phone call queries from patients seeking repeated information (opening times, registration procedure, etc.).

My Role

Hats Worn

I consulted with the owner and principal physician of the clinic to understand his needs for the organisation. As well as conveying the information they wanted, they had to abide by rules and fulfill quotas mandated by the NHS. Based on the budget, I had to forgo user research, taking into account the client wanted very specific content on the site. I did however make sure to test the site with people to ensure it was doing what it was meant to.


  • Capture content requirements.
  • Decide on a design based on content and multi-device interaction.
  • Deploy on a secure S3 server implementation.
  • Register and associate a domain to the server.


The project is live with the practice seeing improved satisfaction of both patients and staff since the introduction of the website. As well as relieving staff time for attending to menial queries, internally monitored metrics reported an increase of the business customer base by approximately 12%.

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